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Monday, August 6, 2012


To the Master of Antology, Tillery Bailey. Absolutely incredible! What a great time you and the entire crew from Minnetonka have had. There is no doubt this is something you'll remember for a lifetime. To be able to wrap a great time around a learning experience like this is awesome! Mom, Kelsey, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the updates on your research and activities. I have especially enjoyed the photos. We've missed you tons. See you Monday night. Dad Bailey. p.s. Despite her dire declarations from several days ago, Kelsey does not have whooping cough. And don't bring any pet ants back, please :)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5th Pica

Picasa Pics

Toshi's Response to Sam

Dear Sam, 
You da best. I won't be bringing you cool plants or animals, but I will show you all the cool pictures I took when I return. We saw some monkeys and an ARMADILLO today! 
-Toshi Higashi
P.S. nick is upset you built the TP. TTYL BOI 

Day Ten August 5th

Day Ten August 5th

The sun softly caressed the rugged terrain of the dry forest as we wrestled our disoriented heads out of the tiny bunks. We were greeted by the shrill call of Sean Holmes and the resounding echoes of morning greetings. They say the 20 square miles of Finca la Anita have more genetic biodiversity than America, our rooms here at Horizantes contain more than that. ANTS EVERYWHERE. Anyways, we then proceeded to take a hike of the Forest and viewed all sorts of local flora and fauna, including: monkeys, armadillos, iguanas, and more ants. Our tour guide was very informative and had a rich voice of mahogany, intimating years of experience and adventure. Our hike lead us to a picturesque volcanic riverbed. The phrase "Valhalla" echoed through my head as we viewed butterflies fluttering around soft pools. Following this excursion, we refreshed ourselfs with glistening bottles of Fanta, Coca Cola, and Water. Later, we went to lunch, partaking in Chicken and mashed taters. After a few more failed toilet flushes and sweaty naps, we boarded a bus to go to the beach - Sweet Baby Ray, what a bumpy ride. At the beach we body-surfed the oscillating waves and bopped in the sunshine as children do. Additionally, Toshi, Drew, Nick, and myself nefariously designed a "Crab Hotel" which was essentially a hole to place approximately one hundred Hermit Crabs (yes, they were released unharmed) Despues, we ravenously devoured a dinner of smoked meats. The crescendo of the waves created an ephemeral ambience as we absorbed the the vibrant hues of the sunset. What a wondrous and reflective moment to conclude the trip. For those loving parents still actually keeping up with the blog, sleep well, we'll be home tomorrow!

With warm regard, Ryan 

August 4th Pics

Picasa Pics

August 3rd Pics

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Day Nine August 4th

Day Nine August 4th

Today we woke up to a glorious morning for our departure. Though it was sad leaving Finca La Anita, the sun was shining the birds were chirping, and the boys were singing good morning. Breakfast, just a walk away, came with intense deliciousness as it always does. We all took our last bites with incredible savor. Especially Dane, because he eats so slow. The bus came a little late for our canopy tour but we waited while being serenaded by the musical talent of Ryan and Dane on the Guitar. When the bus drove us away we took one last long look at Finca, and then looked 15 degrees to the right to see Pablo waving with one hand and while standing on one leg, swaying back and forth, claiming his right as the most interesting man in the world. 

As we raced to the Zip Lining, we came across some construction. Thinking we were screwed and forever stuck in the jungle we realized we took the wrong road. 
Finally we arrived upon the Canopy Tour, suited up hiked the mountain and arrived to the top!We were met with 4 guides that were very nice. One that was just such a crazy guy, screaming like a monkey as he went down the zip line. We all enjoyed it very much. Especially playing king of the midway point and the morning song with Mrs. Joel. 
The canopy tour ended after one last long zip line and we headed off to the Jumbo Market and met up with Anna. We arrived at this place and began to shop. 15 min later we all had our shorts and snacks.
When we arrived at Horizontes we were welcomed by Anna again in the dry forest. We had a small exercise of the ants on the trees, then unpacked and relaxed before playing football. Dinner was soon set and we feasted. Finally after sunset we headed to the beach to see the turtles and basically stayed there until bedtime.